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Attention college and university applicants! Below are questions and answers designed to educate college and university candidates about what it's like to work at StoneTurn Group as a newly hired Intern or Consultant.

If you’re interested in and qualified for our open opportunities, we encourage you to apply through your school’s online career portal or through our main careers page located at

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  • Who is StoneTurn Group?

    StoneTurn Group ("StoneTurn") is an independent consulting firm that works with attorneys, corporations, government officials and individuals on a range of complex litigation, enforcement and regulatory matters.  Our experienced team of accountants, economists, and financial and technology consultants are experts in our field, and exist for the purpose of helping our clients and our employees to succeed.


  • What are the qualifications of a successful StoneTurn candidate?

    We seek hard-working, intelligent, collaborative and detail-oriented students who are effective communicators and can thrive working independently or as part of a team. We put a high value on inquisitive individuals who possess positive attitudes.


  • Why should I consider StoneTurn?

    StoneTurn emphasizes the personal and professional development of every individual within our firm. We believe this development contributes to StoneTurn’s unique culture and is critical to our ability to provide excellent client service.  Our focus on individual professional development is especially important for our newest employees, who begin their careers with the firm after graduating from a college or university.


  • What will I experience in my first few months at StoneTurn?

    Each consultant’s path is different. From the specific practice areas in which we work, to the clients we serve and the industries in which they operate, it’s not likely that any two employees will have the same experience. However, there are many common experiences for every new hire across the firm.

    From day one, StoneTurn employees become members of a "hands-on" team, and are valued for their diverse backgrounds and unique skillsets. Our employees are empowered and exposed to all levels throughout the firm, including Partners; their voices and opinions are heard and respected.

    StoneTurn employees can expect to expand upon "classroom knowledge" and learn new skills that can be leveraged throughout their careers.


  • What do former interns and recent graduates say about their experience with StoneTurn?

    "Individual success is regarded as firm-wide success." – Winter/Spring Co-op, hired full time

    "StoneTurn provided me with an experience that would be difficult to match by most companies and jumpstarted my professional growth." – Summer Intern, hired full time

    "StoneTurn is more than just a series of interesting engagements and experiences, it is a firm that cares about its employees and promotes a positive, open door and collaborative work environment."  – Summer Intern, hired full time

    "The ability to multitask throughout the day, often changing direction at a moment’s notice is a skill you must possess." – Winter/Spring Co-op, hired full time

    "During my internship, I was able to work with people from three different StoneTurn offices on a major engagement for five weeks in New York City even though my home office was Boston." – Summer Intern, hired full time

    "In my experience I would say the biggest skills I relied on to be successful during my internship at StoneTurn were critical thinking and attention to detail. While all the skills I learned in my courses at school are very important, it is the ability to apply these particular skills in a way that provides for work product that is thoroughly calculated and communicated." – Summer Intern, hired full time

    "For my internship, I was fortunate enough to be on two engagements which required some travel. This experience allowed me to create more relationships within the firm and taught me more about the industry as a whole." – Winter/Spring Co-op, hired full time Back to